This page is intended for the really impatient who are passing by here and probably just want to reset a password in Windows. The procedures assume you are using MS Windows.

I’ll make sure I don’t type too much text for you to read.

In short…

TRK is not a software you install on your computer in Windows but rather a completely independent operating system based on Linux and which runs from CD (or USB stick or network).

To get the latest version of TRK, go to the download page or download the latest copy here.

The quickest way to get you running TRK is to download and run the self-burning TRK version.

If you want to see how the self burning of TRK is done, see the page on 0.1 Self burning TRK

Should you want to burn the iso with a 3rd party software called magiciso, see 0.2 Burning TRK with Magiciso

For booting from TRK, see 0.3 Booting from TRK

For password resetting, see 0.4 Resetting passwords

If you know how to burn an isofile, skip section 0.1 and 0.2.

If you know how to boot from CD, skip section 0.3

For password resets, you can equally skip section 0.4 because TRK 3.4 now has a simple menu from which you can select whatever you need to do.