CD doesn ‘t eject in build 204

I discovered a small bug, in that the TRK CD doesn 't eject on halt or reboot. The fix is ready for the next release, but there won 't be one until major bugs get found (and fixed) or decent features get added. Just to let you know before you [...]

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Updated docs on captive again!

I 'm sorry folks, but some people have reported problems with adding the ntfs driver files to TRK for captive-ntfs capabilities. Turns out that with CDBurner XP Pro the CDRs became unbootable after adding the files and reburning it. I 've never had problems with it, so I was unable [...]

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FUSE NTFS added to TRK + some bugfixes

Alive and kicking, another updated version of TRK released, TRK 3.0 build 204 and 204mdk. This time a major improvement: the addition of the FUSE NTFS project , which adds alternative ntfs write capabilities in a safe and -more important- performant way. Using 'mountallfs -f' or 'ntfsmount' you can now [...]

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