Future features for TRK

Apparently the virusscanner in TRK is pretty popular, and by popular demand I 'm in the process of incorporating AVG (Grisoft Antivirus) for Linux into the next release of TRK. It will be integrated in the same way as with F-Prot, so using updatetrk or downloaded when called for.Another plan, [...]

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Line probs

Since a few days my provider Versatel is having problems with the ADSL line this server is running on. You might get to see this page, you might not. Click several times if you don 't get any response from this site. Hope the problems get resolved by the end [...]

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Even more mirrors + backup site in place

Due to massive publicity for TRK 3.1 and the heavy load on current mirrors, I 've been offered yet another mirror today. This time by the nice folks of Mailshield, Australia. With a 100mbit download link, your copy of TRK should come in like a charm. Thanks for that! Also, [...]

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Just in time: another mirror for TRK

Still my mirror from Hyguard seems to be down and Planetmirror failed to rsync the latest iso, here comes the rescue for the Trinity Rescue: the kind people of the Open Source Lab of Oregon State University offered to mirror TRK on their servers, so downloads should be available again [...]

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