TRK on Unfortunately, an error appeared in the URL, leading to a dead link: instead of Even then, people managed to get to the TRK, since my acces logs where 3 times as high today as any other day. John Savill from is about to correct the problem.

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The effects of Freshmeat

Been published since a few hours on with TRK, here are the connections. I think I 'll be needing mirrors...But then again, TRK is Fresh Meat ;-) [root@trinityhome httpd]# netstat -a | grep httptcp        0      0 *:http                  *:*                     LISTENtcp        0      0 *:https                 *:*                     LISTENtcp        0      0 TIME_WAITtcp        [...]

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Need mirrors – SF submission – NTFaq

I 'm looking for fast mirrors. If anyone would like to mirror the binaries on a fast link, please contact me, harakiri. TRK has been submitted to SourceForge as a project. Let 's hope it gets accepted, then I 'll have plenty of mirrors.If your download is slow, try also [...]

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Weavercms_news update 0.2.7

New stuff: -Added headlines (configurable in settings page)-Custom group security for Headlines in posts and cms_news management (settings page)-Image preview screen: added html source code for non wysiwyg browers-minor improvements and bug fixes

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Te koop:

Crossmotor KTM 125 SX bj. 2001, in perfecte staat, geen competitie gereden.opties: goudkl. wielen.Actuele foto: Vraagprijs: 2600 Eurokes

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