Here ‘s the changelog of what’s been done since TRK 3.3 build 334, the most recent changes on top.

Build 372

-hfsplusutilities 1.0.4-r1 (Gentoo sources) for Mac support
-hfs, hfsplus added as filesystem to mountallfs
-recompiled ntfsprogs with ntfsck. Don’t expect too much from ntfsck: it’s a very early alfa version from 2007. Noone ever bothered to develop it further and the whole ntfsprogs project looks dead now that the developers of ntfs-3g have gone commercial.
-udev 081
-Clamav 0.97.1
-mclone: -R option now enables “RAW”-mode, i.e. it will always use dd even when the filesystem is ntfs. This feature was needed since ntfsclone fails to successfully clone Vista and 7 images. To be tested now of course.
-setproxy: https_proxy support added => fixes virusscan updating (and others) when behind a proxy.
-virusscan: bugfix Avast disinfection reported a long time ago.
-more drivers enabled (especially nic drivers

Build 368

-LVM fixed
-ext4 support in mountallfs

Build 367

-rebuilt kernel 2.6.35 with ata_generic support (for Mac Mini 4,1?)
-updated local documentation with latest webversion
-added latest pi + manpage
-modified network scripts to also bring up usb nics (e.g. called usb0)
-display command executed in the menu

Build 366

-kernel 2.6.35
-findutils 4.4.2 (fixes bug of too many levels of symbolic links)
-gpart 0.1h (Gentoo sources)
One remark on the kernel: the latest 2.6.35 doesn’t compile anymore with gcc 3. I upgraded my development machine with gcc 4.1.2. Also the binutils are now at 2.20.1

Build 365

*Sysinit upgraded from 2.85 to 2.87 (Gentoo version)
*Fuse 2.8.4
*Parted 2.1
*New blue theme. Tell me what you think about it
*New Pi 1.9

-ignore TRK medium from being mounted by mountallfs
-make it remove hibernation file when mounting a hibernated NTFSmondo partition.
-Added mondo to the menu
-Made it unmount more verbosely. Add option -q to suppress.
-Some serious debugging.
-Checks now to see if you can have 1.1Gb of free workspace to create your updated ISO. Added option -f if you wish to ignore.
-Added message saying how you can reburn the isofile using cdrecord.
-Seriously debugged clam function: quarantining was a big untested mess. Works ok now.
-F-prot and Vexira functions: some minor bugfixes

*Minor bugfixes:

*Adapted manpages
*Truecrypt 6.2a

Build 361

-Major change in this release is the new 2.6.34 kernel. Kernel config itself hasn’t changed too much, except I’ve added legacy smb support in CIFS, which solves problems with some nasboxes and older clients.
Normally there should also be more recent device drivers in it.
Please test it on as exotic new machines as possible.
-Added feature to put all block devices in read-only mode on a kernel level. It’s a script called blockdevallro and is also available as a startup feature from the bootsplash (on the bottom). This thread explains why. In short: if you really want to nothing changes on a disk when trying to access it, you need more than a read)only mount option. If done on a kernel level, the filesystem will not be changed a byte.
The same thread also addresses a problem with accessing vfat in fileserver as guest: default mount options give you no write access. Fixed it in mountallfs.
-mountallfs: removed funionfs as backup plan if no aufs is in the kernel. Funionfs looks pretty broken. If no aufs is in the kernel, it will just fallback to read-only mode on /usr
-Virusscan: Avast was broken because of the signature files have become too large to fit into default kernel shared memory allocations. Fixed it with this command:

sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=128000000

Also virusscan tried to enable swap even when in read-only mode. This will not happen anymore.
-Simple TRK menu: the message of the day now appears at welcome. Also adapted text so it doesn’t cut off where it shouldn’t.
-Truecypt is now at version 6.2a
-Umountallfs now tells you what it’s unmounting. “-q” suppresses it.
-Cleaned up winclean mapage

Still todo:
-add backup tools to the menu like mondo
-add some contrib software
-recompile qlogic driver for final version
-try to get qtparted working in a recompiled, newer version

Build 359

-Fixed TRK menu from scrolling endlessly when launching trkbootnet (actually caused by trkbootnet)
-Fixed TRK menu from hanging when not using arrow keys
-Fixed network boot bug
-Minor changes in virusscan documentation
-Minor error messages suppressed.

Build 352

-This time I completely installed util-linux-ng-2.16.2, where the mount command should not crash on detecting a CD. I tried it in my VM with a physical CD and it works. The previous mount crashed.
-Also coreutils have been upgraded to version 8.4 (where they were originally from ’05 Mandrake 10.2). This includes utilities like kill, ps…
On the bottom of this post is the full list of recently changed files (since build 350).
-All bugs reported for build 350 should be resolved – see why the post title should have the buildnumber in it?
Of course, you have to test it. Especially mount. For all the other files that have been updated I can’t expect you to test each and everyone of them. We’ll see as we go along.
-New feature: when you shutdown TRK with ‘halt’, you will get a prompt to either cancel, poweroff, reboot or drop to a shell within 10 seconds.

Files changed since build 350



Build 358


/bin/getswap: A new utility, self written and used by other tools like virusscan: find swapspace in Windows pagefiles and swap partitions and use it as shared mem tempspace and swap
/bin/winclean: A new utility, self written and which will be a major crowdpleaser: winclean cleans up junk files from Windows PCs. This significantly improves performance on Windows.
/bin/trkmenu: Another crowdpleaser, written by a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous: a simple text menu at the startup of TRK with the most important features at the tip of the arrow buttons. Please suggest any feature that might be useful to add.
-/usr/sbin/drakkeyboard: Added to trkmenu and lets you select your keyboard. This tool needed a lot of libraries. If you know of another, lighter utility, let me know.
/usr/bin/wgetpaste: upload output from TRK to This will make life easier to share console output. You can start a shell in script from trkmenu and send the output file to the pastebin. E.g.

cat /tmp/terminal.out | wgetpaste

A URL will be returned to your console and the pasted text will by default remain online for 30 days.
-/usr/bin/bc: to get ddr_help working


-/bin/mclone: parse destination arguments correctly
-/bin/trinisup: Modified message about consoel switching => only 1 ‘screen’ is launched anymore (on tty6), all the others are without ‘screen’
-/bin/mountallfs: modified mount options after upgrade to util-linux-ng-2.16.2 (added also noatime for better performance).
-/bin/updatetrk: since getswap, updatetrk builds on /dev/shm, not on aloopback in the pagefile anymore.
-/bin/virusscan: add getswap to have more memory. Avast can use more /tmp and memory. Option to skip it is included (-s). Option is auto-implied in read-only mode.
-/bin/fileserver: minor bugfixes to parse cmdline arguments
-ntfs-3g 2010 1 16
-LVM 2.02.61
-dmraid-1.0.0.rc16 (support for recent raid devices)
-device-mapper 4.15
-parted: missing decent libblkid. Fixed.
Recompiled kernel to not support bigmem >4Gb anymore. Apparently it gave problems with certain early P4s. This will limit the amount of memory usable to 4Gb, which should suffize in TRK.
-/etc/sysconfig/i18n: normally international characters should be finally supported (there was no UTF-8 in it).
-/etc/init.d/halt: turnoff swap twice
-/etc/init.d/single: don’t clear screen anymore after startup

Physically lock cd drives (disable eject button when mounted)
Mount usbfilesystem in order for lsusb to work


 Build 350

Updated (including relative manpages):

    • -No more remounts, code removed. The default is to run ntfs-3g anyway and we trust the user not to have mounted read-only when he wants read-write for virusscanning.


    -Added read-only mount option

/bin/trkbootnet: added option to pass kernel arguments to default startup of client (see man trkbootnet)

    • -Bugs reported in forum fixed


    • -BDE quarantines when disinfect fails


    • -Added md5 to make md5sum checks of all files into logfile


    • -Vexira read-only was bugged


    • -Vexira now quarantines


    -AVs should download from local copies in case is down or compromised

Latest rkhunter (01-2010)

/bin/trk2usb: added partprobe after zeroing out usb device to avoid being too fast and not detecting the new partition yet.
/etc/bashrc: fixes to aliases

    • -Ssh server will start without password prompt if root password was changed before (and ran updatetrk).


    -Added check for I81x video card and so disable syntax highlighting in vi

/etc/init.d/udev: removed double /dev/shm mount
/etc/rc.sysinit: fixed minor /dev/ and /sys mount bug
/etc/init.d/halt: eject CD works again

All AV urls up-to-date and locally stored


New e2fsprogs 1.41.9 with support for ext4:
New testdisk 6.11

New util-linux-ng 2.15 which adds a number of small utils:

New feature: Parted 2.01:

Several libraries updated, some garbage files removed.


Build 346

New features of TRK are:
-Manpages for all TRK specific tools (e.g. man winpass)

    • bridge.8


    • fileserver.8


    • mclone.8


    • mountallfs.8


    • ntfsundeleteall.8


    • setip.8


    • setproxy.8


    • trinisup.8


    • trk2iso.8


    • trk2usb.8


    • trkbootnet.8


    • updatetrk.8


    • virusscan.8



Please read them all, all the new features are documented there.

-virusscan completely rewritten and uniformised. New AV engine avast, AVG removed because new version has no cleaning capability anymore
Please test this as good as you can with all possible options. For all options
I would like to refer to the manpage. You will see there are a number of new options.
Whenever possible, I now use the rpm version of the AV. ClamAv, BitDefender and Avast are rpm installed. F-prot and Vexira are still tar.gz
This means that for AV, BDE and Avast you can upgrade the RPM. This will be automatically checked every time you run it through virusscan.

-winpass: I hacked chntpw so that it doesn’t prompt ever anymore for disabling syskey. A lot of people were yesmen, although it stated it was not recommneded. Furthermore, it only works in NT4, so the option was obosolete anyway. Also the restore option should work now. And a backup is only created once, so people don’t overwrite it after fruitless attempts to reset their password.

-new kernel. This means new drivers, new compatibility issues/solutions. Try testing it on as many hardware as you can and report back what worked and what didn’t, together with the type of hardware.

-many things have been updated, debugged. Please try the most important TRK features to see if they still work. This includes:

    • fileserver


    • trk2usb


    • trk2iso


    • setproxy


    • trinisup (requires interaction with me)


    • mountallfs (now default uses ntfs-3g)



-initrd is enlarged from 48mb to 64mb, so more root space is available. This is necessary for the RPM installs. This implies TRK has more memory overhead.

-reorganised bootmenu with some other options. Also new splash screens. Please test the menu options.

When you make a report for let’s say virusscan, make the topic title f.e. like this
“TRK 3.4 b346: virusscan – can’t update”
Try debugging it yourself, what errors you see. For better debug info, edit the script and put “set -x” on the second line. This will show you what exactly was going on at the time of the error.
Another tip is to use the utility ‘script’ which records the output of your terminal to a file. For instance, do it like this:


fileserver -g
script -a /sda1/myoutput.txt
output blah blah

Next you can access your TRK as a fileserver from another PC and use the output in myouput.txt as debug info for posts.