If Trinity Rescue Kit just saved your ass, your boss is overwhelming you with flowers and raises because you saved his non backed up data off his laptop, your sister doesn ‘t hate you anymore because you managed to undelete her MSN logs or you just have an unusual feeling of generousity, there ‘s always the possibility to change the ownership of some of your money.
Trinity Rescue Kit is in fact a one man project, completely invented, developed and managed by Harakiri. It ‘s already taken easily about 1,000 hours of hard (yet fun) work (ever since 2002) and it always makes me smile whenever I receive a thank you in the form of a sincere e-mail and even better a small donation.

Preferred and easiest method is Paypal. Just click on the button below, login to your account and donate whatever you feel. You don’t need a Paypal account, you can also directly donate with Visa or Mastercard.