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Foreword and conventions of this documentation:

Consulting help

-Trinity Rescue Kit 3.4 has manpages for almost every utility, even the ones specific to TRK (new since 3.4). So if you need help on a certain command, like f.i. Winpass, just type ‘man winpass’ at the commandline. All manpages themselves are always online available at http://trinityhome.org/manpages

-This helppage is also available as a single document locally on the TRK medium. You can call on this documentation as one big page from TRK by typing ‘trkhelp’ at the command prompt (or chosen from the startup menu). This will start the builtin Links browser in graphical mode opening all of the documentation at once. To be able to switch between this help and your commandprompt, you must be in text mode

Most commands also have a built-in help. Most of the time ‘command -h’ or ‘command –help’ will help you a lot further.

Use the key “q” to quit links and type ‘trkhelp -t’ to run in text mode. Once in textmode, use alt+F2 to go the second console of TRK. In total there are 6 consoles, each switchable with their respective alt+ function key.
If you are not online, you can consult the local documentation which is on the TRK medium by entering ‘trkhelp -l’.
You can combine these two parameters: ‘trkhelp -l -t’ gets you the local helpfiles in textmode.

-All TRK manpages are also available online in html format. Browse them here: http://trinityhome.org/manpages/


-literal commands that you can execute in TRK or Linux are put between ‘single quotes’. Omit the quotes when using the real commandline. Exceptions on these quotes will be mentionned (when single quotes really appear in the command).

-“double quotes” are used to emphasise words, unless they are used inside commands.

-<trkmedium> stands for the rootfolder of the medium on which TRK runs. TRK can be run from CD, usb stick/disk, fixed harddisk or from network over PXE. These specific bootmethods will be explained later in this document.

-this documentation is intended for people who at least have some experience with computer troubleshooting or know how to install their own Windows. If you have absolutely no idea of this, I recommend you call someone who knows more.