Pure waanzin

De BBC gaat gans zijn archief sinds 1936 online zetten. http://www.zdnet.be/cms_news.cfm?id=29736 Ik ga onmiddellijk Fawlty Towers binnenhalen als dit ooit waarheid wordt

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New build to be expected, soon

Some minor enhancements, like support for Gigabit ethernet cards and new tools like tcpdump, netcat and stuff for hardware testing. Subscribe to the forum/mailinglist to receive the news when it 's out.

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Vidomi patch

All, Everyone who has encountered problems with Vidomi, concerning wrong fourCC codes and scrambled sound, can download a patch here http://www.vidomi.com/download.php?op=geninfo&did=23  

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Discussion forum added

I just added the PhpBB2 bulletin board to Trinityhome.org, so anyone who feels like discussing Trinity Rescue Kit, has a question or likes to announce something to the community can join in on the discussion forum. Registering to the forum will also keep you informed about new releases to come (low traffic). P.S. [...]

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Terminator 3: Rise of the machines

Whow man, Chwarzy is back with more stunnig visual effects, much action and a nice storyline (small one) in T3. This is a MUST see for every fan.And if it may a pluspoint: it's much better than T3 (Taxi 3)For more: go see it!

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