Download links TRK not working

The TRK download links weren 't working anymore because of the 301 redirect on the /trk dir (the site migration u know). This has been solved now, sorry for the inconvenience.

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By this I baptize this new site!

Thank you Harakiri to let me the Honor of officially open our new TrinityHome website! I hope everyone likes the new structure and design which is now updated to new HTML standards. There is still some work to do, some pages needs content to be polished while others have to [...]

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TRK site migrated to new CMS

Well, there it is. Trinity Rescue Kit  web has become CMS aware. All of the old pages are being redirected to the new site, which is completely managed by Vision.To content manager. Thanks to Headhunter, the Trinity  web development member, which has done a very nice job and listened to [...]

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Newsfeed update

I have updated the newsfeed today. Previous when there where changings in feeds and not content, they showed up as new items. This is resolved now.

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SpywareQuake, a hard one to remove!

Yesterday I have done some stupid thing, not I was not aware of it, but I downloaded a file and executed it even after realising it was for 99,9% a virus or spyware program (and I have no anti-virus program installed). So after executing it installed a fake anti-spyware program [...]

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Damn, my spell checker is going crazy!

Today I came on a webshop called "Sony Center" (I think it's not an official Sony website), where I subscribed to create a user account and so received my account details by e-mail. The one who has created the e-mail responder should have an update for he's spell checker. Note [...]

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The price of free porn

Take a laptop.Take an internet connection.Take a 17 year old boy. What do you get? A zombie PC so infested that it took me more than three hours to get it clean.How did this happen? Purely hormonal you could say. Last night I was at a distant relative 's house [...]

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My CD wallet ‘s gone missing

Since last Friday (02-06-06) I 've been missing my CD wallet. I 've had it for about 8 years now (the whole of my carreer) and it deserted me several times in the past, but never this long. It 's a Caselogic that can hold 72 CD's. All of my important [...]

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Update NewsBlog module

New in version 0.5: -RSS Feeds now working: Feed per categorie (via The Archive) or all entries-Ability to display on frontpage or not.-RSS image can be added, if not default logo will be shown. This image can be enabled for content too.-RSS feed uses seperate field (description) which is used to display [...]

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