Audio Interview with Tom Kerremans on Podnutz

Podnutz, a website about computer repair, didĀ  a podcast interview with Tom Kerremans about Trinity Rescue Kit. Go to or download and listen to the interview here Put it on your mp3 player, it takes about an hour. You might learn some more great tips on TRK.

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Development Kit released

A couple of days ago I've updated and released the development kit for TRKĀ 3.4. All you need to run it is VMWare or an equal emulator that can import VMware vm's.

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New TRK 3.4: easier than ever before

Big news from the Trinity Rescue Kit camp: an all new version of the live distro has just been published after almost a year of (public) silence. People, we can't hide our excitement: the new TRK 3.4 is better, easier and more debugged than ever before! The biggest visible enhancement [...]

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