Enhanced security on login.

I have added CAPTCHA verification to the login page. This works only if you have the "Remember me" option in your profile not selected. It checks for a login cookie, if not found it is enabled.

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I couldn ‘t help myself

Monday evening I went to Aldi to get a few groceries. When I passed the promotions corner, I couldn 't control myself when my arm reached out to a box containing this: Yes, indeed, I 'm watching the stars from now! For 40€ you get a full fledged telescope. Of [...]

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New feature in CMS

Harakiri asked me a while ago to have he's TRK news headlines on top of the start page of the TRK project. Since content is HTML coming from db and parsed into template it could not easy be done via php. With the new feature you can execute custom functions [...]

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Ntfs-3g integrated in TRK

Ntfs-3g is a new userland ntfs driver for Linux, and it 's véééry promising: full read-WRITE access, safe and fast. I 've been doing a few tests and so far it looks very good. This time no extra files to add to TRK, no limitations and how much you can [...]

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Track all visits, referals, etc.

A new visit log page is in place. What it does: It logs every visit from users, spiders, bots, etc. Every visit is logged once per session. What is logged: -IP address -Real IP address (if after proxy) -Host -User Agent -Visitor language -Visitor country -Referer -Requested page -Date and [...]

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3 days of work for TRK… down the drain

Raaaahhh, stupid me! Stupid me! Stupid me! I needed a loopback file to create a test ntfs filesystem on. Stupid me took the initrd file I use to develop TRK on! New script to install TRK on USB: down the drain. Updated mountallfs: down the drain. Please hit me! I [...]

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Spam post prevention in Blog Comments

Due to daily spam posts in the blog comments section we had to add some extra security on the comments post form. CAPTCHA verification (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) has been added to the form. Sorry for the inconvenience, but to fight spam and [...]

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Website Visits log

I'm working on a log where every visit's detail is recorded. (once per session for same ip). Check the log page in Admin section -> Admin Visits Log. This page is temporary! I made it quickly so it can already be read without digging in the db.

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My new car: HPI Savage X

Yesterday I bought me a new car. Not a regular car but a Nitro RC Car (Remote Controlled). It is a HPI Savage X Bigfoot 1/8 scale model. Some specs: Length: 534 mm Width: 427 mm Height: 254 mm Wheelbase: 336.5 mm Tires: 159 x 85.5 mm Suspension travel: 152 [...]

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