Subject: Thank you

“I’d like to say thank you for your wonderful CD, it’s amazingly useful, not bloated, and very very nice. Any update on progress? It was in a slump in February, hopefully you’ve caught a breather in between then and things have calmed down a bit. Just thought I’d let you know that your efforts in the past and future are (greatly) appreciated!


Chris (forum guest)


Subject: Saved by the rescue kit

“The Trinity Rescue Kit has saved my a**. I had to build a new Windows machine for my wife after the hard disk refused to boot. Since she never backs up her files, they were “gone”. The rescue kit allowed me to retrieve the files from the old disk and restore them to her new mschine. The end result is continued marital bliss (and I am still her hero).

Thank you folks so much for the fantastic program. I do appreciate it. Donation is coming.”

Ron Halstead, California


“Just discovered this little gem of a package today. It helped me get a friend out of a pinch – her machine crashed and the IT folks were not going to recover any of the data.

Thanks to TRK, we salvaged all of her data and put it up on a network drive. All of your effort is very much appreciated. Thanks!!!

FYI – I backed up my appreciation with a donation. Thanks again.”

John (forum guest)


Hi Tom,

 just wanted to ask you do you have private life, but then I ran on it in HowTo text… :o)
I’ m just a windows-guy flirting a little little bit with Linux, but I would like to say anyways: great work, this TRK!



Zoran Pantic

Retorical reply to this: yes I do have a private life, I even have a girlfriend 😉


Subject: Great stuff


I’m checking several Linux rescue systems, like INSERT, System Down, etc.
and your Trinity Rescue Disk is THE ONE.

My idea is to use USB to IDE/ATAPI cables to access hard disks with damaged
systems to make data backups before doing a fresh formatted install.

Here’s the example of a cable:

Thank you for Trinity! I’ll do my best to tell everybody about it.

[Antonio Rodrigues]”


Subject: Thanks for saving my ass


My laptop’s hard disk broke suddenly and I had no backup whatsoever. I had
just deleted it last week because I temporarily needed the space on my USB
backup drive.

My colleague told me about your rescue kit and I tried it on the patient.

Yes, it did boot, found my USB hard disk and YES, it DID find the files on
my old hard disk 🙂

So, I ran a “cp -R *” and everything important is safe now. Kernel reported
tons of physical hard disk failures, but luckily none of the broken files
were important. The disks seems to be broken, it cannot be reformatted. I’ll
have the hard disk replaced.

Thanks. You saved my Christmas.

And Happy New Year to you too!

Petteri Hiisilä


Subject: About Trinity Rescue kit

“Hi !

I was using Trinity Rescue Kit, man !!, thanks !!!
What nice product !!

I save my boss’s files from his laptop hdd failure.

Thanks again for such wonderful work !.”

Adrian Malaguti (Novell)