Shiny and new: 3.3 build 301 beta

Here 's another beta for you to test. Bootsplash, broken in build 300, is functional again thanks to a patch I found yet somewhere else. New in this version: -kernel, which as of this writing is the latest kernel available -ntfs-3g 1.1004, the newest version of ntfs-3g -hwdata 0.200: Fedora [...]

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Removal of nuts and bolts out of my leg

Previous year in march I had a terrible accident with my little dirtbike (pitbike). Here you can read the article (in dutch) from then and view some images of the fracture. Due to a bad landing on the track I smacked hard to the dirt after a jump. My bike landed [...]

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Build 300 ready for download

Not much has changed, but here 's a alternative beta to download for those having trouble with hardware support in build 299. It 's got the latest kernel and hopefully it will solve the hardware support problems on some reported systems. What also is new is the support for [...]

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For all people wishing to contribute to or develop their own custom version of TRK: I 've released an  SDK tarball which contains all the necessary binaries and scripts to build a new version of TRK. The tarball is what will bake you a TRK 3.3 build 299 iso. I [...]

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