Installing from Windows

This procedure is also valid for new TRK installations on any bootable media that has been:
-formatted as FAT16 or FAT32 (Syslinux documentation recommends FAT16, but FAT32 is tested and works as well)
-smaller or equal than 1Gb (=max 16k clusters). Bigger (and fat32) is allowed but is subject to less compatibility. Please report me on any PC that refused to boot in that way.
-has this partition made active
-has TRK_3-2 as a volume name (exactly like this). But this is not guaranteed to boot from any PC that can boot USB. Better is to use trk2usb from TRK itself (when booted from CD of course).

The rest of the installation course is like upgrading, so follow the guidelins below. If you ‘re unable to bring it to a success using this procedure, I recommend you download the ISO version of TRK, burn and start from that, plug in your USB stick and run trk2usb

Upgrading from Windows

Prerequisites: Winzip, Winrar or any archive application that can open tar.gz files. With winimage you could also open the iso file version should you have downloaded that one. This results to the same.
-Download trinity-rescue-kit.3.2-build-274.tar.gz (or the latest version)
-Plug in your USB stick with the old version of TRK 3.2
-Open the file trinity-rescue-kit.3.2-build-274.tar.gz and extract it to your USB drive root (we will call it the G: drive in this case)
-Open a command prompt  ‘cmd’
-Go to your USB drive: ‘G:’
-‘cd trk3’
-‘syslinux G:’ (‘syslinux -f G:’ if it refuses because windows reports it to be a fixed drive)
-eject the device and try booting from it (use the ‘safely remove hardware’ from the system tray)

Installing from Linux

I ‘m not describing in detail how you should install TRK from Linux, since it might require you to install special packages and perform complicated operations. Someone who doesn ‘t fear this will have enough with this short procedure
Here goes:
-prerequisites: mtools, syslinux 3.31
-figure out your USB stick device (most of the time /dev/sda)
-run ‘mkdiskimage -4 /dev/sda -s 0 64 32’ (from the syslinux package). This will completely erase and format your drive to maximum 1Gb. If you want to pass this limit, use fdisk and mkvfat -f 32 /dev/sda1, but beware this can be less compatible.
-edit /etc/mtools.conf and add the line: drive c: file=”/dev/sda”
-‘mlabel c:TRK_3-2’
-the next steps are the same as upgrading from Linux, so read below

Upgrading from Linux

-Download trinity-rescue-kit.3.2-build-274.tar.gz (or the latest version)
-Plug in your USB stick with the old version of TRK 3.2
-Check what device id it has been assigned using ‘dmesg | tail’
-Assuming your USB stick is /dev/sda and your TRK partition /dev/sda4 and we use /mnt/disk as mountpoint: ‘mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/disk’
-‘cd /mnt/disk’
-assuming trinity-rescue-kit.3.2-build-274.tar.gz is downloaded to /home/user/:
‘tar xzf /home/user/trinity-rescue-kit.3.2-build-274.tar.gz ‘
-‘cp trk3/syslinux /tmp’ *
-‘cd /tmp’
-‘umount /mnt/disk’
-‘/tmp/syslinux  /dev/sda4’

*: you need to copy the syslinux program of the TRK medium because syslinux will complain that the medium is mounted. So you need to umount it afterwards.