Weavercms_news update v 0.2.4

Added custom security to users and groups:-deletion of cms_newsitems (group definition, in settings page)-authorization required for new cms_newsposts (per user setting)-authorization of cms_newsitems (group definition, in settings page)-added website administrator e-mail address in footerresolved some security bugs(when submitting cms_newsitem it was possible to add id param to url query and [...]

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Build 93: PCMCIA works, ntfs still no R/W

Ok, build 93 is out, but tomorrow I 'll bring out build 94, which should at last have ntfs write support. Apparently, after kernel 2.4.17 they brought in completely new ntfs code which is faster and more stable but has no more write support, even if you tell it so.So [...]

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New version of Weavercms_news 0.2.3

Added following features: -The image file extention filter for image upload is now working (settings page)-now able to specify temporary upload folder-now able to specify image upload folder-now able to specify files upload folder-specify max. image filesize-specify max. file filesize

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Build 92: almost there

Alrighty then, almost finished. I hope. I hope I don 't come up with any new features. Anyway: most bugs are out, or almost. Find the latest version in the download section... Lets 's see:-gpm: run mouseps2 for a ps2 mouse and mouseser for generic serial mouse support.-devfs errors fixed [...]

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For all the techies out there

Windows 2000 SP4 is out: http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/downloads/servicepacks/sp4/default.asp Let 's wait some before installing it on production PCs (remember NT4SP6?)

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Things todo (more bugs)

Inspite of the remaining bugs, TRK 1.1 build 90 is now at the same stability level as was 1.0 with already lots of extra features. Standing or new bugs:-gpm mouse service: forgot all about it, but it 's still not ok, you have to manually start it-devfs errors: fixed in [...]

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Build 90 of TRK 1.1 released

Some debugging from version 89, but with a newer version of kudzu. I' m very curious on testing this on a laptop. Bugs fixed since build 89:-upgraded from Kudzu 0.99-99 to 1.1.3-1.1 and updated hwdata-0.87-1.1-TRKx option 6: virusscan flag is now set, it checks if you 've chosen nr. 2 [...]

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Trinity Rescue Kit for sale

http://www.osdisc.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi/products/livecd/trinity Duh!?! Where 's my money???I didn 't know about this until I Googled "Trinity Rescue Kit" On the other hand: I 'm quite honored...:-)

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Trinityhome.org webserver/browser issue

Apparently, Internet Explorer had some weird behaviour when downloading .gz compressed files: it downloaded the complete uncompressed iso file, making it look like your browser kept downloading infinitely.What it did what it did was a behaviour by Apache design, but very annoying:It seems that the default config of Apache 2 [...]

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