AMD is once again the king

Even with a much lower clock speed, AMD once again rules, with a lot of future clockspeed to spare where Intel has kind of reached the heat barrier for now. Read all about it and review the benchmarks:

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Weavernews updated – /me in Copenhagen

The newspage of Trinityhome called Weavernews has been updated to version 0.29, along with a change in layout by Headhunter, which I think is really cool. Meanwhile, I haven 't been too busy on Trinity Rescue Kit. That 's because I 'm abroad for my company in Copenhagen, Denmark since [...]

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Groter klootzakken komen er keer op keer Dit is gewoonweg schandalig! Verisign is eigenaar van het .com top level domain en gaat nu een DNS wildcard gaan gebruiken op alle mistypte namen, zogezegd om mensen te helpen het juiste adres in te vullen. Daardoor gaat iedere verkeerde naam naar resolven en u een page geven [...]

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