Cat vs. dog

Today I was quite amused when my cat got face-to-face with the Beegle of my  mother in law. Each time the dog, Wibo, comes over, he can run freely in the garden. And so can Janneke, our cat. But as with most cats and dogs, they are not so fond [...]

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The grainy deerhunter

Big was my surprise when I saw this animal almost walking into my garden. It 's some sort of deer (a bambi?) and it 's only the second time I 've witnessed it in the wild in my own neighbourhood. This time I had my camera handy, and with maximum [...]

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Virusscan with AVG functional again

People who 've been using "virusscan -a avg" might have noticed that this functionality got broken. It is because Grisoft changed the url of the download page of their AVG rpm. Luckily, TRK has the ability to adapt by contacting the trinityhome webserver and download the new url. I 've [...]

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Sweet Google Pagerank

Quick post: it 's been a while since u ' ve heard anything from Trinity Rescue Kit, but that doesn 't mean it ain't still alive and kicking. Proof of that is the new Google pagerank, which after years being a 5 has gone up 6. Wohoow! Thanks to y 'all websites [...]

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