5th download mirror

Lately TRK is being overwhelmed it seems by offers for mirroring. So there 's no more fear anymore about running out of bandwidth for downloads, especially now that I got offered this extra 1 Gigabit link from Garr Networks in Italy.Thank you Italy, and 12 points from Belgium at the [...]

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Build 215 of TRK 3.2 beta released

My server just got rsynced, TRK 3.2 build 215 is available here, still beta of course. bugfixes: -proxy parameters get prompted for when pressing "1" or "trk3 proxy" at the isolinux prompt -virusscan --avg is now able to run avgupdate (missing directories) In the few time I had, I performed [...]

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Trinity Rescue Kit 3.2 build 214 beta available

It 's not in my policy to release unfinished versions, but since I just changed jobs I won 't have the time to develop in a fast pace, hence I 'm releasing a reasonably stable version of the next Trinity Rescue Kit 3.2.The new partially functional features are:-virusscan --avg: Grisoft [...]

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