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Look who came back from the dead

Hi folks! I felt I needed to do something for a long time. I had too big of plans for TRK and was unable to work them out (because they were so big). So I did something smaller. I figured many people could  do with some updated hardware support, so here [...]

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Is TRK still alive?

 ...or how the question was asked yesterday: "Is TRK dead? or are you?" Well, no, not really. But I've been very busy with my daytime job and family expansion lately. But some work has been done, changes have been committed. People following it a bit know that issue tracking has [...]

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DNS problems resolved

Finally, after much annoyances with my registrar IN, I changed over the domain name trinityhome.org to Easyhost. The problem with IN was that they failed to recognise there was a problem with updating the nameserver records. This resulted in only 1 nameserver being accessible, even more the one behind the [...]

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Server down (for quite a while)

Sorry people for all of you who tried to reach trinityhome.org the last 2 days (July 1 and 2). The server itself was not down actually, it was the whole datacenter. Apparently the fibre optic cables had been cut in the street and it took a while to locate where. [...]

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The Ocean Cleanup

Trinity Rescue Kit just donated 500$ of your donations to the Ocean Cleanup project, which aims on cleaning up the ocean of ALL plastic within 5 years and make some money of it doing so. I believe science with an economical benefit is the ONLY solution to saving the planet [...]

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TRK development resumed and shared

 It 's been a while again since you heard some news about TRK, but it's back. Development has resumed and this time I will try to make it more structured and collaborative. Therefore I did a good cleanup of unneeded files, stripped all binaries and libraries, removed the dead and [...]

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Thank you spambots

Thank you spambots, you made me upgrade my old and worn out forum. You naughty naughty spammers. Folks, for those who have made a post on the TRK forum between December 21 and now, December 28: it's gone, I 'm sorry. I had to restore a backup since the forum was so sickened [...]

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TRK ‘virusscan’ AV engine locations AGAIN updated

Yes, yes, everyone keeps changing their AV engine download location and I have to follow them. I thought many of them had broken permanently, but a vigilant TRK user directed me to all new working download locations of the antivirus soft. Here ' s a status update: -BitDefender failed to properly install. This alternate version [...]

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TRK ‘virusscan’ AV engine locations updated

Yesterday I did a checkup on TRK and found out a few virusscan antivirus-engine links had broken or were at newer versions. As TRK 'virusscan' users may know, 'virusscan' is a wrapper script that fetches external AV engines from the internet and uses a pointer where to find them from a url which [...]

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