Disabled caching on webserver trinityhome

People who visit this site regularly (or maybe even once) might have noticed that pages sometimes didn 't load correctly. It was as if the Cascaded StyleSheets didn 't get included and you didn 't get any proper lay-out. Yesterday, I 've disabled caching and proxying of Trinityhome 's Apache [...]

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Always control A control C

Sigh! Just to let you know: when posting on forums or any web based form, make it a habit to copy all of your typings to your clipboard. In case your session got timed out . Sigh!

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Looking for real life examples

Trinity Rescue Kit is a quite widely used tool. I know that, I see it from the number of times it 's being downloaded (about 4000 times/month), I see it from the times it gets started and fetches its message of the day. What I lack is more feedback. The [...]

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My new motorcycle: Suzuki SV 1000 N

Yesterday I went to Deschouwer Moto's (in Belgium) with my wife to buy a motorcycle. When walking through the showroom my eye fell on a Suzuki SV 1000 N. It's a naked bike with a 1000cc 4-stroke V2 engine. The one I bought is a second hand bike from 2005 [...]

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Share your files from TRK: build 247

A historical feature addition has seen the daylight in TRK 3.2 build 247. Although it was already a request a long time ago (from the days of 1.1), I 've only incorporated it now: TRK can run a Samba fileserver and share all your local harddrives! This feature opens up many [...]

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Website update

Today I released some updates to the site: -Added polls -Added more visual error when edit forms are not filled in correctly -Changed some CSS styles -Corrected CSS layout -... Hope you're satisfied with this small update.

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Build 242 of TRK ready

Trinity Rescue Kit build 242 is now available for download. This is the first TRK that is also distributed as a tar.gz file so you upgrade your existing TRK on your USB stick. No need to burn any new CD anymore. Instructions on how to do this available for both [...]

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AVG support broken on TRK 3.2

Just now when I released TRK 3.2 beta, Grisoft decides to remove AVG for Linux Workstation from their download pages. This means AVG support under TRK 3.2 is broken. I 'll be able to fix it using AVG for Linux Email Server, but I 'm wondering whether it 's really [...]

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TRK 3.2 build 239 released: mature beta phase

Long time since you got any big news from Trinity Rescue Kit, but this one 's very good: I 'm releasing a mature beta version of Trinity Rescue Kit 3.2. I call it a mature beta, because I 've already done quite some tests, but I lack real world feedback [...]

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