This utility puts your Trinity Rescue Kit to a USB stick/disk or even to a fixed harddisk. This is one of the two methods you can use to get TRK running from USB. This is also the recommended and easiest method of doing it. Only downside here is that you first have to burn the iso version of TRK to CD, boot from it and run it from there.

When given without the noformat option, it will destroy all data on the destination device, create a fat filesystem in the 4th partition id of the disk. This gives the best compatibility with most BIOSes.
It is also possible to do a non-destructive transfer to your medium given the -n option.
The destination medium has to be at least the size of the TRK isofile. Recommended is 256Mb minimum.


trk2usb -d [DEVICE] -s [SIZE] -n

Specify the destination device. In case you use it without the noformat option, you need to give the complete disk as argument, not a partition. Your disk will be erased, zeroed out and formatted with one partition as FAT16 of maximum 1Gb as the 4th primary partition. This is for maximum compatibility.
Example: trk2usb -d /dev/sdc
Noformat. Use this option if your device is already correctly formatted and you don’t want to lose your data on it. This requires you to specify the destination as a partition.
Example: trk2usb -n -d /dev/sdc1
Optionally, you can specify the size of the destination partition in Mb. This allows you to add more partitions later. This option is not combinable with -n

Read the full and updated manpage online here: