Find swapspace in Windows pagefiles and swap partitions and use it as tempspace. This script is called upon by virusscan and updatetrk to find more working memory. In normal circumstances your available ram should suffise.

Getswap will remount /dev/shm and make more shared memory available (in e.g. /tmp/) Sometimes you have too little RAM, so a swapdisk is a reasonable alternative to gain memory.



getswap -s <SIZE in % of total memory> -d -f

-s SIZE: this parameter allows you to tweak how much of the ram will be made available for /dev/shm (=/tmp in TRK).
Sometimes you need a huge amount of tempspace. With this parameter you can specify the size in percentage of the total amount of memory (RAM+swap). Default figure is 50%.

-d: disable swap usage and return to original memory situation if possible

-f: force disabling even if too much tempspace is used. Will not work if the tempspace is more than 100% of the amount of RAM.
Will fail at even less.