…or how the question was asked yesterday: "Is TRK dead? or are you?"

Well, no, not really. But I’ve been very busy with my daytime job and family expansion lately. But some work has been done, changes have been committed. People following it a bit know that issue tracking has been setup at bitbucket and can follow progress there and report bugs in a proper way instead of through the forum (which unfortunately I’ve been neglecting lately, partly because people tend to ask the same 100 times or more answered questions all over again).

So if you want to follow development of TRK a little, look at bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/harakiri/trk

If you want the latest beta version of TRK (yes, from 21-03-2014), download it at http://trinityhome.org/beta/ (not linking this to avoid bots sucking up bandwidth on TRK isos)

Biggest new features include kernel 3.8.0 (for more recent hardware support). Experimentally a 64-bit kernel version has been published there as well (build 386). There ‘s a big rewrite of ‘virusscan’, some new features added to mclone like remapping disk devices and cloning over a router. Also full dhcp server support is in there for standalone switches but with failsafe that detects a regular dhcp server so TRK doesn’t mess up a corporate network. All together 52 commits you can read upon on bitbucket + 9 reported issues since build 372

Also worth mentionning: a fork of TRK has seen the daylight and it’s called Mango (MAssive Network GhOst).
The author Juan Carlos Pineda told me this about it:

"For my job I need often to clone a lot of classroom computers and I’ve modified TRK to make more friendly this task. Basically I’ve added two shells to the TRK startup: – One to self configure a valid IP in case no are DHCP servers on the LAN. – Another one to make a friendly mclone front-end. The result of this compilation I’ve called it MANGO (Massive Network Ghost) and is very useful for me."

Project page can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mangomassivenetworkghost/

Well, that ‘s it for now. Hope you are convinced TRK is not dead