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New TRK 3.4 maintenance version build 372

It's been 8 months now since the first 3.4 build, so I figured it was time for an updated release, now at build 372. There are no world shocking changes in this release, but it might be important for people using recent hardware. Here 's the changelog since TRK 3.4 build 367: -kernel [...]

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Clamav on TRK generates false positives

Journalists from the German Linux Magazin reported us that TRK was generating dangerous false positives when using virusscan in combination with ClamAV, the default TRK virusscan scan engine. I immediately responded by asking logfiles and there I found out the false positive came from a combination of using Clamav 0.96.1 together with signature files [...]

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Audio Interview with Tom Kerremans on Podnutz

Podnutz, a website about computer repair, did  a podcast interview with Tom Kerremans about Trinity Rescue Kit. Go to http://www.podnutz.com/ or download and listen to the interview here Put it on your mp3 player, it takes about an hour. You might learn some more great tips on TRK.

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Development Kit released

A couple of days ago I've updated and released the development kit for TRK 3.4. All you need to run it is VMWare or an equal emulator that can import VMware vm's.

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New TRK 3.4: easier than ever before

Big news from the Trinity Rescue Kit camp: an all new version of the live distro has just been published after almost a year of (public) silence. People, we can't hide our excitement: the new TRK 3.4 is better, easier and more debugged than ever before! The biggest visible enhancement [...]

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Webserver down hassles

Around 30-31st of January 2010 this website was as good as down. Unfortunately this was not the first time. But the difference was that it came back on its own, so it gave me an opportunity to trace the cause of the problems. Apparently the server went out-of-memory because of [...]

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Virusscan: what works and what not

A quick update on TRK's virusscan, the antivirus program wrapper in TRK. -Grisoft AVG is broken ever since they upgraded to a newer version. The usage has completely changed and virusscan is not adapted for it. In the next version of TRK, AVG will be thrown out because version 8.5 [...]

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Mankind’s ticket for the future

Every now and then in human history an invention or discovery comes along that reshapes the foundation of our future. Now may be such a time. What if an energy source was to be invented that just takes water to generate power between 100 and 200 times greater than that [...]

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Build 334: network boot bug fixed

Just a minor change but with big impact to network booting TRK users. As I stated before I was unable to test everything and as it turned out, network booting had some errors. So a kind user pointed out this bug + solution in the TRK forum. I immediately made [...]

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