Yesterday I did a checkup on TRK and found out a few virusscan antivirus-engine links had broken or were at newer versions.
As TRK ‘virusscan’ users may know, ‘virusscan’ is a wrapper script that fetches external AV engines from the internet and uses a pointer where to find them from a url which it gets on a secure connection to
Here ‘s the status of the 5 AV engines integrated in TRK ‘virusscan’:

-ClamAV: updated from 0.97.1 to 0.97.2. Update will happen automatically when you fire up ‘virusscan’
-BitDefender: still the same engine, but their download location had changed. Works again.
-Vexira: updated program and download location is updated, but syntax seems to have changed for update program. So unless you manually update it once installed, it’s pretty useless until I bring out a new version of TRK (or instructions on how to modify your TRK)
-F-prot: unchanged, still working
-Avast: unchanged, still working

Furthermore, I started some work on integrating Linux 3.0.x into TRK, but the aufs patch is giving me headaches, so I have to wait for a stable version from the Aufs people.

That ‘s all I ‘ll have time for. Very busy, sorry folks.