Yes, yes, everyone keeps changing their AV engine download location and I have to follow them. I thought many of them had broken permanently, but a vigilant TRK user directed me to all new working download locations of the antivirus soft.
Here ‘ s a status update:
-BitDefender failed to properly install. This alternate version installs and runs alright. Make sure you have enough RAM or run ‘getswap‘ first in a machine with 512Mb or less
-F-prot download location was broken. A new location and version was found, but it seems to be working still after a quick test.
-Clamav is updated from 0.97.2 to 0.97.3. Works.
-Vexira is still broken in the update process.
-Avast is unchanged.

So that’s 4 out of 5 AV engines working again. Running a live session of TRK virusscan like ‘virusscan -a bde,fprot,clam,avs’ will clean your computer 4 times ^^