It ‘s been a while again since you heard some news about TRK, but it’s back. Development has resumed and this time I will try to make it more structured and collaborative. Therefore I did a good cleanup of unneeded files, stripped all binaries and libraries, removed the dead and buried Trinity Remote Support Pack and upgraded the kernel to the latest 3.4.6.

Next, I published everything on bitbucket as a Git repository (binaries included). And it’s open for everyone to fork, clone, submit, push to your fork and request a pull to me for the main TRK repository. Just create an account, install Git, fork, clone and start working. I will soon publish an updated version of the TRK development and build virtual machine which has Git installed.

If you like to contribute and you know nothing about Git, try this site first:

Next, read this on how to fork:
The repo can be found at the following address:

People who are not interested in contributing code but like to report a bug: please use the Bitbucket provided issuetracking system. I will not be using the TRK forum anymore as bugtracking system but only as a usage discussion board.

I don’t have this much experience with development methods like version control and issue tracking. If anyone has suggestions on improvements, please let me know.