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Meet Sam Verstricht

Hello, I'm Sam Verstricht, born 3 days ago on 17 june 2009 at 11h05 AM. Tech. specs: Length: 49cm Weight: 3,130kg Mom: Karin Collier Dad: Bart verstricht (alias Headhunter) Our personal website: http://www.strikkies.be Meet you there! You may also sign our guestbook there :)

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If you see this post you’re on the new webserver!

Trinityhome.org is now running on a new server with bigger bandwidth thanks to the kind people of Ipcoast. The current server is a virtual server on Xensource with about 5mb bandwidth. If you have any problems browsing the site, please post a comment. Harakiri and Headhunter.

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Removal of nuts and bolts out of my leg

Previous year in march I had a terrible accident with my little dirtbike (pitbike). Here you can read the article (in dutch) from then and view some images of the fracture. Due to a bad landing on the track I smacked hard to the dirt after a jump. My bike landed [...]

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Sweet Google Pagerank

Quick post: it 's been a while since u ' ve heard anything from Trinity Rescue Kit, but that doesn 't mean it ain't still alive and kicking. Proof of that is the new Google pagerank, which after years being a 5 has gone up 6. Wohoow! Thanks to y 'all websites [...]

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My new motorcycle: Suzuki SV 1000 N

Yesterday I went to Deschouwer Moto's (in Belgium) with my wife to buy a motorcycle. When walking through the showroom my eye fell on a Suzuki SV 1000 N. It's a naked bike with a 1000cc 4-stroke V2 engine. The one I bought is a second hand bike from 2005 [...]

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Website update

Today I released some updates to the site: -Added polls -Added more visual error when edit forms are not filled in correctly -Changed some CSS styles -Corrected CSS layout -... Hope you're satisfied with this small update.

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Pimped Savage X

Today I pimped my HPI Savage X! I bought 2 pairs of HPI's mounted Phlatline tires on the Blast wheel Chrome. 140 x 70mm Johny wheels!

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Enhanced security on login.

I have added CAPTCHA verification to the login page. This works only if you have the "Remember me" option in your profile not selected. It checks for a login cookie, if not found it is enabled.

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New feature in CMS

Harakiri asked me a while ago to have he's TRK news headlines on top of the start page of the TRK project. Since content is HTML coming from db and parsed into template it could not easy be done via php. With the new feature you can execute custom functions [...]

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