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OTRS, Open Ticket Request System: caveats and installation guide.

The goal of this tutorial is to install the OTRS (Open Ticket Request System) on a Linux distribution and set up Agent and Customer authentication via LDAP, more specific, Microsoft Windows Active Directory.

Although there are at this time of release (OTRS version 2.3.3) 4 authentication methods, I'm only going to discuss the LDAP integration part.
Other methods are DB (database, which is the easiest and default setup), RADIUS and HTTP.

In this setup I used:

-OpenSuse Linux 10.2
-OTRS 2.3.3
-Existing infrastructure of 2 windows 2003 Active Directory servers.
-VMWare Server configured for Linux with 1gb RAM

-HP G5 Blade Server with dual AMD Opteron 2.6ghz and 4gb RAM.

Before installing I suggest reading the documentation of OTRS on the website so you get a basic understanding how the system works.

A lot of documentation is adopted from these sites:

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Updated: February 2, 2015