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Installing your Linux OS

Download and install your Linux distribution of your choice. I prefer OpenSuse Linux.

Install with defaults, no X-Windows and other useless programs because we don't need them.

Be sure to install:

  • Apache webserver
  • MySQL database server


Name Description
CGI This module is needed by the web interface of OTRS.
Date::Pcalc This module is needed for date calculations. OTRS uses this module for example in time specific calculations for tickets.
DBI OTRS needs this module to connect to the database backend.
DBD::mysql Module with special functions to connect to the MySQL database backend.
Digest::MD5 This module makes it possible to use the md5 algorithm..
LWP::UserAgent Module to process HTTP requests.
MIME::Base64 En- and decoding Base64 strings, e.g. for mail attachments.
MIME::Tools This module provide some tools to process messages with MIME parts.
Mail::Internet This module makes it possible to process emails based on the RFC 822 standard.
Net::DNS Perl interface to the domain name system.
Net::POP3 This module contains procedures to access and process messages on a POP3 server.
Net::LDAP Perl interface to a LDAP directory. You only need to install this module, if you want to use a LDAP back-end.
Net::SMTP Module that contains procedures to send emails.
Authen::SASL SASL authentication framework, e.g. needed for the authentication against mailservers.
GD Interface to the GD graphics library. You only need to install this module, if you want to use the stats module in OTRS.
GD::Text, GD::Graph, GD::Graph::lines, GD::Text::Align Some more text- and graphic tools for the GD graphics library. You only need to install this modules, if you want to use the stats module of OTRS.
XML::Parser This module is needed to read and write xml configuration files. The graphical configuration front-end of OTRS uses this module.
PDF::API2, Compress::Zlib This module are needed to generate the PDF output for reports, search results or for the ticket print view.

After installation of OTRS you can check what modules are installed wit the following command:



Note: The installer of OTRS checks for required modules on installation.

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Updated: February 2, 2015