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Error c1041724 when restoring an offline Exchange database from ntbackup

Error 0xfffffde0 starting Storage Group
event 9518
Error c1041724

When restoring an Exchange Server with ntbackup from a disaster scenario like a server crash or, like in my case, you accidentally deleted the storage group files (priv1.edb and priv1.stm),  you can run into a few obscure problems.
First off all, one thing you should always enable when restoring an offline backup is this:

In the System Manager, go to Servers, pick you server, go to your storage groups and take the properties of that storage group. Most of the time it 's the "First Storage Group"
Go to "Database" and activate "This databse can be overwritten by a restore"

Next, restoring the database. And this is where you have to pay attention: only restore 1 (ONE) storage group at a time and make sure to mark "Last Restore Set (Log file replay will start after this restore completes)"

Should you want to restore all or more than one storage group, like your public folders, you will fail to mount your storage group after your restore completes (maybe this error: Error c1041724, ...). Aiiieeee!!!! And you just spent 2 hours waiting for your restore to complete.
Well, here 's the deal: when restoring, ntbackup asks you where to store your log and patch files. Once your  storage group files have been restored, it should replay the logfile. But apparently, it only replays the logfiles once all storage groups have been restored. In the mean time, your logfile for your first restored storage group has already been overwritten by the logfile of your next storage group. In this case, your public folders.
So in fact, this is a real crappy bug in ntbackup and nowhere from your error messages can you get any wiser.
But remember this: restore one storage group at a time and you should be ok.



Updated: July 16, 2010