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Apal Porsche 356 Speedster

By Harakiri


Meet my Speedster: Apal body, 1954 VW Beetle chassis, 1970 flat 6 2.2T 911 engine

This is my dream come true. There is no other car in the world that can move me in such a way than my Speedster.

Although it 's a replica of the 1957 original, I like at as much or even more as the real thing. Not just because it 's my own car, but because it has more than the original: instead of a flat 4 beetle like engine, it has a genuine 911 flat 6.
Whoaah! The sound and power that this baby produces is in no way comparable to any street version 4 cylinder boxer.

What is it?

The car you see is a replica of a 1957 Porsche 356 A Speedster. The original was a car made especially for California, where it would have to compete with cheap convertibles of other brands. Therefore the 356 had been completely stripped down from all of its non essential components like heating or slide-in windows. Even the cover is only but a single layered cloth with a few iron bars, barely enough to get you home should it ever rain in California.

This fake-Speedster is a car based on a 27cm shortened VW Beetle chassis, with a steel body frame to support the polyester body.

There are several brands of replica Speedsters, mine is an Apal, a Belgian company that these days only creates exclusive bath tubs anymore. Visit their website

What 's different from other Speedster replicas here is that it has a genuine 1970 Porsche 911T engine. It 's a 2.2 flat 6 with 2 triple Weber carburators and a custom made exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is custom, not so much to give it more power (it doesn 't) or the cool sound (oh yeah), but just because it doesn 't really fit into the back of a 356. Even then one has to be carefull when riding of driveways, because the engine is fitted so low that the exhaust pipe hits the ground now and then. You can see the exhaust pipe coming from underneath the car on the above picture. Below is a picture of the engine that 's been cramped in the back.

Updated: July 20, 2010