Modifying TRK using the devkit
Friday, October 28, 2011

Nice article on Customizing your own Trinity Rescue Kit.

Teaches you how to change the logo and add software by using the TRK devkit.

1 pedro | Saturday, October 29, 2011 
2 Brash | Wednesday, November 02, 2011 
3 Nhat | Monday, March 12, 2012 
This is a priceless quote from the oromotipn page of the book and it is my opinion as well: While a complete understanding of the Three in One would not be possible this side of eternity, this work is one of the best I have seen in bringing out the clarity of Scripture on the subject.” — Dr. Arnold G. FruchtenbaumThanks again!
4 Katarzyna | Monday, March 12, 2012 
, ultimately, lciposophihal speculation on Divine mysteries comes up short as I’m sure you would agree and we must simply bow to God’s word and salute (“yes, Sir!”). As long as we have disagreement on what that word is (as you and I do), we are boxing at shadows. The acknowledgement of this may be why Dr. Brown “punted”. A word to the wise: my faith in the New Testament and in Jesus Christ is grounded in the historic nature of what happened on the cross, and the empty tomb that was the final result. Philosophical discussions are well and good, and I completely understand and respect your desire to learn how Christians resolve our own difficulties, but my advice to yourself is this: if your fundamental goal is to turn Christians away from faith in Christ, I would spend much more time learning how to attack the historicity of the accounts, or debunking the tenacity of the text, “Bart Ehrman style”. Philosophical concepts are abstract and usually easy to bend hard to rock someone’s faith that way. Historical facts, however, are stubborn things. If you have the historical facts on your side, you will not fail to have people listen to you.Bottom line on that: I’m not against working to provide lciposophihal justifications for what I believe (as I’ve done here), but at the end of the day my faith is not in my ability to correctly comprehend and articulate the nature of Divine things far too high for me, but rather in the absolutely historically rooted reality that is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That’s the thing I would focus on, and I can provide you names of Christian resources that address this topic if you’d like to make it a further area of study. Otherwise, we can continue on the current subject.At any rate, please take all of that in the very best spirit. It’s hard to convey emotion and whatnot in text-based communication, but I just want to make sure you know that none of that was meant in a harsh way. So much the opposite, I really appreciate your asking the tough questions and challenging me to grow and give an answer! As far as I can tell from our limited interaction, you’re an honest individual with genuine curiosity (otherwise I don’t think you would have pursued answers to your questions in quite the same way as you have), and I respect that greatly, as well as being grateful for the respect you’ve shown me in dialoguing thus far. Take care.
5 Monika | Monday, March 12, 2012 
Hi,One of the very first blogs I built still uses your PSI theme. Not a church it's a yoga class for poplee with MS, but the theme works well nonetheless! Thanks for the hard work.
6 Luciana | Monday, March 12, 2012 
The comments from Henri above ilttsurale the often traumatic and multi-generational effects of a failed colonial policy and and an ensuing civil war and insurrection. I have every reason to undertand how Henri feels, and I have encountered, usually to a lesser degree, much the same sentiments among white settlers of the Boy bring me a stinger variety who returned from ex British colonies in Africa. None of those, of course, came back in quite the circumstances of the pieds noirs but the underlying shock was the same expulsion from their country, loss of their land and homes, confiscation of the fruits of their labour. There are great challenges which face any country trying to come to terms with its colonial past and there are equally challenges facing those of faith when they have to cope with living in the same space as those of another faith.But I suggest there are lessons for England to learn from the French experience. Official French policy towards its colonies, overseas territories, and immigrants was historically one of assimilation into French society. As a result France has Departements d'Outre Mer on the other side of the word from France which are administered more or less exactly as if they were physically part of metropolitan France and whose populations vote and send representatives to the National Assembly and who may travel and settle in France if they wish. There are places where that has worked quite well, in particular where missionaries followed the flag and the population was willing to accept the culture of France and the religion brought by the missionaries. But it did not work in in any of France's North African territories, Algeria being the most extreme case in point. The fiction that Algeria was to be treated as part of metropolitan France was never tenable for so long as the Arab and Kabyle majority were classified differently and had different civil rights. In fact there are still tension in Algeria (and elsewhere in North Africa) between the descendants of the the original inhabitants (Berbers, Kabyles etc) who have their own language and culture and who have never completely accepted Arab conquest let alone that of the French. Yet in Algerian schools, little children were taught history to a textbook which began, Nos Anceatres les Gaulois . In other words, for a member of the indigenous population to obtain the fruits of his imposed citizenship, he had to renounce his history for that of the conqueror. In the case of Algeria, a history which was manifestly false and ridiculous. A history which ignored the fact that the ancestors of the Algerians were most emphatically not les Gaulois . A history which ignored the fact that the Algerian city today called Annaba , and Bone during the French occupation was formerly the Hippo Regius of Roman times, a centre of the early Church where St Augustine of Hippo was bishop from 396 AD until his death in 430 AD. As an aside, the view of the French establishment up to 1962 was that Christianity in North Africa was totally extinguished during the Umayyad Caliphate, but more recent scholarship suggests that the faith may never have been completely extinguished among the Berbers and in fact, the Wilaya (Departement) of Tizi Ouzou may now have about a 5% Christian population. The sad fact is that the Catholic Church was seen by most of the indigenous population as that of the French occupiers and the conditions imposed on the Arabs and the Berbers for obtaining French civil rights as equivalent to religious apostacy.Now, in France and to a lesser extent in Britain, there are those who maintain that in order to have full civil rights, immigrants must assimilate and that multi-culturalism is anathema to that process. One sees this in the policies of the Front National in France and to some extent in those of UKIP and others in the UK.Catholics have good reason to know the pernicious effect of such discrimination on grounds of religion, think of our position in Britain even as late as Victorian times and in Northern Ireland to this day. But if we claim freedom of religion, non-interference by the state in our religious affairs and non-discrimination on religious grounds, then we must be prepared to afford that same freedom in matters of religion to others.I suggest that most emphatically does not mean that we should proceed in accordance with the French solution which is to elevate the state and its power above all religions see . The state is a false God just as much as Mammon. Freedom of religion involves also the freedom to bear public witness to one's religion and there must be reasonable accommodation for that too.I agree with Ian G's analysis about the Sarkozy tactics. As for Ancient Briton's video links, I hestitate to say that it all seems a bit reminicient of that well known rag, the Daily Mail and, indeed, of the kind of muddled Christianity satirised by John Betjamin's : Keep our Empire undismemberedGuide our Forces by Thy Hand,Gallant blacks from far Jamaica,Honduras and Togoland;Protect them Lord in all their fights,And, even more, protect the whites.Think of what our Nation stands for,Books from Boots' and country lanes,Free speech, free passes, class distinction,Democracy and proper drains.
7 Tayfun | Tuesday, March 13, 2012 
Hey Jeff,How does that blue ray look? I haven't seen it yet? I really rppaeciate your support over this period. I know, it is hard to believe over a year has gone by.I'm going up to the Jacob Burns Film Center next week to show the film and say a few words. It's near Pleasantville. Any where near you? If so, drop on by with your dvd and I'll sign it. It would be great to meet you.All the footage in WYS that shows Jim with a beard wandering through the desert, driving, hitchiking, swimming, stopping at the gas station are all from HWY. And again, they were all out-takes. No edited sequences were used. I did not want anyone to feel I was simply bastardizing his film, which he clearly put a lot of effort into and was very proud of.That is cool about making Marshall Fine's preliminary Top-Ten,Tom
8 zsgxxeuonho | Wednesday, March 14, 2012 
klPg0z <a href="">cfcrhodvvfoo</a>
9 Amira | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
I enjoy your e-mail very much Tony. I don't plan on coming to France for about 3 years, but I'm sure that will fly qucikly. My mother was french, and I have all the paperwork I need, but I'm told my best bet is to hire a french lawyer to get all the important papers translated. I do have a means to support myself, not rich, but carefully I can be ok. I enjoy all your time and effort, the information is invaluable. I have cousins scattered all over France and my sister just went over there. I've forwarded your e-mail to my brother-in-law also as he too is planning on a move also. . This e-mail you send out is like keeping on the pulse of France which I whole heartedly love. I have numerous friends that want to come, but are afraid, but I think sending your e-mail to them and keeping in touch it will make it easier for them to visit France.
10 Suzet | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
I'm interested in more ifotrmanion and what the start up cost is.[] Reply:April 10th, 2011 at 4:32 amTwitter: The representative is a friend of mine. Do you want me to have her contact you via email? Just wanted to get your permission before giving her your email.[]
11 Kara | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
A fave Brigitte Bardot story of mine ( Bardot is very pro-Israel & supported the IDF when they uoentcred the terrorists in Jan 2009 ) : About 30 years ago, a friend sent me this Brigitte story in a letter ( I can't source it, but I believe it's true ) : Pendant un entretien un journaliste OSE demander a Brigitte Bardot : -- " Qu'est-ce que vous vous mettez la nuit ? " -- Reponse : -- " Du Chanel numero cinq ! " ( Not to worry, translation follows : During an interview a journalist DARED to ask Brigitte Bardot : -- " What do you wear at night ? " -- Response : -- " Chanel Number 5 ! " ) [ A commenter at a French site where I recounted this anecdote believes that I am mistaken & that Marilyn Monroe was the source of the comment but was unable to source that claim, &, since I have heard it mentioned orally twice or thrice, & since it was invariably in the French, I still believe the story. Perhaps both of them responded thus to similar questions. ] -- dragon/dinosaur
12 Elvin | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
Going to put this atircle to good use now.
13 Adhikari | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
My problem was a wall until I read this, then I sahsmed it.
14 Ceren | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
Twitter: Sweet! I would definitely get Holiday cards, praobbly the Joy to Your World design..-= Teresha@ Marlie and Me s last blog .. =-.[]
15 Areng | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
Twitter: I would probably start with the skitcy stock as it sounds super great! I also may get Thank You Cards as I am always sending those out to clients, friends and family!.-= Brandy s last blog .. =-.[]
16 Petra | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
Those who are familiar with "the rtteess" might want to speculate on her various issues on display in . Thankfully, she can be .Also, I think O'Reilly has now backtracked on his blockade against France, so she's not even au courant.P.S. This site is still missing from Wikipedia's Air America page.
17 Shovon | Thursday, March 15, 2012 
Oh, stop. Since when did anyone who has tmlsbued upon his pathetic little blob though that Baloney is anything other than a pasty pudgy right wing dirty trickster, tasked by the closet-case pudgies in the GOP to collapse Air America with false ratings, rumours and (if that fails) lining up a bunch of Southern rednecks GOP-base morbid obesities to sit on them.

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