Build 310: winpass fixed and Intel E1000 family nics support
Thursday, January 17, 2008
This release should fix the most hot problems reported on the forum: winpass and new Intel ethernet cards that weren 't supported.
-The problem with winpass was with Vista. Microsoft OSes are these days "case aware", where Unix OSes are "case-sensitive". This means that when Microsoft decides to name the folder "C:\Windows\system32" all of a sudden to "C:\Windows\System32" , they don 't get into trouble because they don 't care about upper- or lowercase, but Linux does. This meant that winpass didn 't find the SAM file anymore and reported that there were "No Valid Windows installation(s) found". I easily fixed that by replacing "system32" by  "*ystem32". So unless someone gets the idea of making a folder Fystem32 or something, this should be a quick and good fix.
-In the meantime, winpass has received the newer version of chntpw, the program that in fact does the important bits with your passwords. I wasn 't aware there were any new versions, apparently one came out last year in September. Thank you forum members for pointing that out. Here 's where chntpw can be found (credit to those who deserve it):
-Added the Intel E1000 nic driver from Intel themselves. The mainstream kernels still don 't support the newer Intel nics like the 82566-DM which can be found in many new PCs. Since this driver cannot be compiled into the kernel, I had to pull a few tricks out of my sleeve to get the network bootability of TRK going with this driver. No worries: it works.
-And in one go, I 've put in a very recent kernel2.6.23.12.
-All startup options from the initial syslinux startup screen now have pci=conf1 added to it, which use the be the alternate boot option 3 before (for HP DC 7700, 7800's and plenty other machines. This option hasn 't posed any problems on machines who normally startup without this option, but please let me know if all of a sudden one of your computers fails to start with build 310.
-Of course you have a few minor bugfixes which are not worth mentionning here.

For next release I 'm hoping to have a little time to rework virusscan and maybe add another AV engine (Avira comes to mind). Please let me know what your priorities are on the forum.
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