Build 242 of TRK ready
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Trinity Rescue Kit build 242 is now available for download.

This is the first TRK that is also distributed as a tar.gz file so you upgrade your existing TRK on your USB stick. No need to burn any new CD anymore. Instructions on how to do this available for both from Windows as from Linux.


-virusscan: AVG support is working again. Grisoft had taken their tar.gz version of their antivirus offline.
TRK is adapted to download the .rpm file, convert it with rpm2cpio and install it on TRK with virusscan and updatetrk

Feature additions/upgrades

-kernel 2.6.18
-support for Mac filesystems HFS and HFS+
-added binary disk editors like lde, bvi, od
-added cryptsetup 1.0.3 for encrypted partitions
-syslinux 3.31
-TRK distributed as tar.gz file.
-added arp command

As soon as development is starting to calm down, better documentation will appear. People who like to contribute in writing are always welcome.
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