Wanna get humiliated? Get your kicks at Agimont Adventure!
Monday, August 28, 2006
This is an open letter to the management of Agimont Adventure.

What do you do when a group of 15 people arrives late at YOUR adventure park, although they called several times in advance they were held up, although the time window is still well within opening hours, although they apologised plenty?
You ask them who the hell they are when they arrive of course. You tell them contstantly they 're 1.5 hour late, let them feel you 're in control. Takes some of the fight out of them. Yeah, you 're the man! Hey, they 're lucky you even let them in at all (don 't tell them the adventure course only takes 2 hours and you 're still open for more than 3,5)!  Or tell them that the time between the town called "Dave" and Agimont is a 1 hour drive (although we only did 30 minutes to get there, not even speeding at all). No sir, 30 minutes, impossible, you must have taken the highway (indeed we did, maybe a suggestion for you next time). But you 're still at holiday speed, so it 's 1 hour, no argueing about that. Let 's talk about the being late stuff again won 't we?

If they think this is the way to treat anyone, think again: this will not work with us. Yes, maybe we were late, like, we 're doing this on purpose, what? But both the manager and his wife kept on bragging on and on about how we were lucky they still wanted to take our group at all, how the monitors lost their patience and went home and that the manager had to guide our group personally now.
Well sir, thank you for pointing that out. You really set  the tone for the rest of the afternoon. In that case, you can get some of your own medicine. Don 't be surprised when people start thinking of you what a wise ass you are and that things escalate. But if you eventually start getting personal with me, telling me what a clown I am and pretending I didn 't secure myself as it should on the ropes, you 're at the wrong address.
Apparently you had no more reply when a decent, well structured answer was thrown back at you, so you just headed off angrily, sending your son instead ...who started off with even more agression and showoff against our group (for all the Flemish readers who 've seen the fantastic comedy show Trigger Happy: "Ik zen de Joeri, en ik wil oek oangesproke weurre as de Joeri! Oay?!") . Everything else that happened afterwards is a result of your conduct, your attitude. Having been in the army for 15 years is not a guarantee for getting respect nor does it give you the right to treat us as 12 year olds.
Remember: you reap what you sow!

Now, for anyone who would plan a day out at Agimont Adventures, here 's my conclusion: the infrastructure is quite well organised, you will get worth for what you paid, I have to give them that. But you 'll have to take the human insult as part of the package. They are after all "Übermensch"...

Oh lieve vrouwe toren...
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