Support TRK: help us win a car!
Monday, August 6, 2007
Maybe you 've been here before and you downloaded Trinity Rescue Kit or maybe you are about to.
Trinity Rescue Kit is a completely free tool which can save you a lot of money and agony. It is downloaded about 10.000 times/month and donations don 't exactly match up to that amount of downloads.
Now here 's a way to help Trinity Rescue Kit and it doesn 't cost you anything: you can vote for my colleague Philippe Hurtgen and me, Tom Kerremans by submitting your e-mail address on the site, thus casting a vote to make us win one of 4 new Hyandai i30.
If we were to win a car, you would really have helped TRK and it wouldn 't have cost you a dime. Even if we didn 't win, it would still be a great token of appreciation.
To vote for us, click here or on the picture below. You will receive a confirmation mail from Hyundai webmaster where you have to click on "CONFIRMER VOTE".
I 'm sorry that the site is in French, but that 's just the way it is.

2007-08-13 update: I 've created a small howto page with screenshots so anyone who doesn 't understand French can navigate through the site and vote for us.
Here 's the HOWTO
Thank you for your vote!!!

2007-08-27: the contest is over. We ended 52nd with 181 votes. Thanks everyone who voted! Next time we 'll start a little earlier.

Harakiri and Hurtgep
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