3.2 build 279: bugfix release
Wednesday, January 31, 2007
As usual, after a major release, lots of people download and use TRK and bugreports/wishes come in.
So, as usual, I 'm releasing a bugfix version of TRK 3.2.
Current build is at 279. The biggest reason for the bugfix release is that there 's apparently a serious ext3 filesystem flaw in kernel which got fixed in
This gave me the opportunity to update some of the other software. I also did some cleaning, otherwise the filesize would grow too large.
Here 's the bugfix/updates/minor feature additions list:

-Upgrade to kernel (fixes ext3 bug) and added Fusion MPT device support (useful for VMWare with LSI logic emulation)
-Upgrade ntfs-3g to version 20070118
-Added fping: a utility to ping a range of hosts in parrallel. Works better on firewalled hosts than nmap.
-Fixed ntfsundeleteall: it seemed that with the upgrade version of ntfsprogs to v1.13.1, the syntax got changed too. Ntfsundeleteall was not adapted in build 275.
-Fixed (or added) internationalisation: this was a problem that existed since a long time, but recently more and more people started complaining not being able to see, type and access filenames with international characters in them. So I did some research and managed to activate UTF-8. NTFS filesystems now get mounted with UTF-8 in the mountallfs script, so you can see characters like "é" or "£" in filenames.
-Vi (Vim) now has color mode and syntax highlighting.
-Fixed AVG in virusscan: after having run updatetrk, AVG would fail because of a variable in the wrong place. Ok now.
-Clean up double files, unnecessary files.
-Updated documentation a little and included new version as offline file in TRK.

Go to the project page here or directly to the download page here .
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