TRK 3.1 meets world
Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Trinity Rescue Kit version 3.1 is a fact and ready for download. Be sure not to burn it on a normal CD/R but a CD/RW. Here 's why:
One of the new features in TRK 3.1 is the ability to update itself with Captive NTFS drivers and the latest antivirus + definitions.
After it has done this, it will recreate itself as a new iso-file that you can burn to CD.
The reason why these updates are not inlcluded is obvious: the tools and drivers it downloads are not GPL (or anywhere near) licensed and restrain me from distributing it in any other form. But since you as a regular home user are licensed to do so, you have the right to add these features.
Until version 3.0 adding these features was a complicated procedure.
With TRK 3.1 this has completely changed. If you run 'updatetrk' from a clean TRK 3.1, it will update itself and recreate a new iso-file in your C:\temp (most likely C:, depends on which is your Windows systemdrive)
Other new feature is Secure Shell Filesystem: thanks to the FUSE project it is possible to convert virtually any kind of storage to a mountable filesystem. In this case you could mount one TRK onto another and access eachothers filesystem. This works with anything that runs a secure shell server by the way.
Also a few tools were added like mkisofs, cdrecord and pico. Below is the complete changelog

build 205 - 208
-eject bug solved
-upgraded Captive to version 1.1.7 (supporting XP SP2 drivers)
-upgraded clamav to 0.88-1
-added mkisofs
-added cdrecord
-added pico
-added cfdisk
-created self update capability (updatetrk) : add ntfs files, add f-prot and all antivirus definitions update. Any changes made to the live TRK get copied back to the rebuilt iso
-halt command: TRK now powers down instead of waiting for you to push the powerbutton
-modify logos and name to Trinity Rescue Kit 3.1

build 209
-added sshfs: you can now mount a machine 's remote filesystem using simple ssh
-clonexp: checks if your filesystems are mounted and exits if so

build 210
-more debugging (clonexp)

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