New horizons up ahead
Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Well folks, I 'm not planning to turn this news announcement page into my personal blog, but this time I 'm calling for an exception.
The last few days of my life have been quite tumultuous: on Sunday my 10 year old, dearly beloved cat Pruts got run over by a car (damn, that sucks!), the next day I 'm hearing that my contract at Fiat Auto Belgio as a network admin will end permanently by the end of March.
This is both (somewhat) a disappointment as it is more a relief (about my job then): no more interesting and no future projects have resulted in me being demotivated. Since I work for an external company, I don 't have to panic yet about getting bread on the table. I 'm not panicking in any way, I 'll always find something, but the goal is to find the ultimate job cut out for me.
People who have been using Trinity Rescue Kit for a while (or read other docs by me), will get a decent impression of my technical skills. A highly technical, wide angled job in as many aspects possible of networking and various IT troubleshooting is what I 'm looking for. If you are or know somebody who can offer me that in Belgium (between Brussels and Antwerp), feel free to contact me.
Here you can already find my CV

Once again, sorry about the bloggish newspost

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