FUSE NTFS added to TRK + some bugfixes
Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Alive and kicking, another updated version of TRK released, TRK 3.0 build 204 and 204mdk. This time a major improvement: the addition of the FUSE NTFS project , which adds alternative ntfs write capabilities in a safe and -more important- performant way. Using 'mountallfs -f' or 'ntfsmount' you can now talk to NTFS filesystems and write to them (move, delete, new files, modify) and -unlike captive-ntfs- without the need for extra file additions from Microsoft. Only limitations are: max 10 new files/subdirectories per existing directory. But this driver can write even to compressed files and writes big files fast and safe.

Here 's the changelog since the last public build 201:

build 202
-added ntfs-fuse support: performant read-write capabilities but with some limitations in file and directory creation

build 203
-code cleanup in rc.sysinit: mtab got cleared after filesystems were already mounted, remounted /dev/shm afterwards, which gave problems with available memory. Other unnecessary code removed.
-adapted mountallfs with -f flag for ntfs-fuse mounting of filesystems

build 204
-allocate enough memory when mounting /dev/shm if system memory is between 128 and 192mb
-added fuse support for mdk kernel branch. Fuse from Mandrake gave problems with ntfs. Disabled it and included original fuse module

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