And there it is, champagne: Trinity Rescue Kit 3.0!!!
Friday, December 23, 2005

It took a lot of hard work and I had to bite my tongue not to talk about it before, but I did it: I finally managed to create a new version of Trinity Rescue Kit, ready to save all those poor sick computers.

We welcome Trinity Rescue Kit 3.0 And I 'm proud of my baby. Well actually, it 's not a baby anymore: TRK has grown mature now, both in features and free of bugs. Also the size has increased, but I guess I stil managed to keep it considering what you get for it. And it 's still free! Hey, I 'll never charge anything for it, altough a donation might never hurt.

People who came here before will also notice that I 've changed the website completely, matching the new style of TRK3. So people start downloading and burning your copy and read the docs well, cause it 's got a whole lot of new possibilities.

Special thanks go out to my best buddy Bart (Headhunter) and my girlfriend Ingrid (for her patience ;-) ). More new to come very soon...

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