TRK 2 Progress (2)
Wednesday, January 7, 2004

I added the captive-ntfs project to TRK 2.0, which is at build 115 now. Captive-ntfs will allow you to access ntfs drives in full read-write mode by using original MS drivers. Due to licensing restrictions, I 'll not be able to include the necessary files separately, so I 'll have you edit the ISO and add them yourself. I 'll explain later how to do it.

Meanwhile: TRK 2 boots nicely already. I 'm gonna start fixing some details and scripts. Apparently I won 't be able to compile in the old NTFS driver v1 anymore, since I get errors using the code with kernel 2.4.22-21mdk. No problem, now we 've got Captive.
Binary upgrade has also been finetuned, but since the captive-project requires a lot new files, TRK has grown to almost 70mb, even when using upx compression. The initrd ramdisk has also grown to 32mb, so minimum system requirements are up to 64mb of ram (which I suppose is fair).

As soon as the scripts are finetuned, I 'll be releasing the first beta version.

stay tuned

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