Virusscan: what works and what not
Thursday, November 5, 2009

A quick update on TRK's virusscan, the antivirus program wrapper in TRK.
-Grisoft AVG is broken ever since they upgraded to a newer version. The usage has completely changed and virusscan is not adapted for it. In the next version of TRK, AVG will be thrown out because version 8.5 for Linux has no more cleaning capabilities. For now it has been marked as a "dead feature" and will refuse to work in TRK
-Work is in progress for a new version of TRK and I'm adding Avast as a virusscanner.
-Clamav, although at an obsolete version, still works
-F-prot works
-Vexira works AGAIN! I previously announced it had become defunct since it didn't receive any more recent updates, but apparently they have a new version of the scanner. Luckily the internals and usage haven't changed, so I was able to adapt the download url to the new version and it seems to work alright.

Keep you eyes open for a new version of TRK in the near future.

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