Mankind's ticket for the future
Monday, August 17, 2009

Every now and then in human history an invention or discovery comes along that reshapes the foundation of our future.

Now may be such a time.

What if an energy source was to be invented that just takes water to generate power between 100 and 200 times greater than that of combustion from fossil fuel?
What if that energy generation was completely environment friendly and the by-product resulted in a new and very useful matter?
Well, that's exactly what Blacklight Power has done.
Blacklight Power or BLP is a company that's invented a way to generate heat from hydrogen atoms, the main compound of water (that and oxygen)!
Shocking isn't it? The method has been known for some time now but the established scientific world has refused to acknowledge the invention because it breaks about any law in known quantum mechanics.The Blacklight Power solid fuel reactor cell
Technically, BLP has found a way of lowering the ground state of a hydrogen atom, thus releasing an enormous amount of energy in the form of heat and light. The ground state of an atom is the lowest known energy state that an atom can exist in. In other words, for a hydrogen atom, the ground state is at 0° Kelvin or the absolute zero temperature.
In normal thermo dynamical laws this means that no potential energy can be extracted from this atom and the atom's electrons are in the lowest possible orbit around their nucleus.
However, BLP and more specific the man behind it, dr. Randy Mills, has invented a method by using either Lithium Hydrid or Sodium Hydrid together with Raney nickel (an alloy of aluminium and nickel) as a catalyst to make hydrogen atoms ionize and release energy in the form of photons (light) or kinetic energy (resulting in heat). After the reaction, the hydrogen atoms now have a lower energy state than their presumed ground state and are now called hydrinos. They bond back together as a pair to form a dihydrino. Dihydrinos are in fact so light that upon release, they immediately leave Earth's atmosphere. Thus it can never accumulate in the air.
The net energy release of this process is in the order of 100 to 200 times more than that of conventional methods. It is somewhere in the middle of combustion and nuclear (fission) power.
Apart from generating heat, other applications of the BLP process are high voltage batteries and a highly efficient UV-laser where a conventional UV-laser the size of a building could be equalled by a desktop sized one.
Another very interesting application is in the development of a rocket fuel that is up to 7000 times more powerful than a normal combustion of hydrogen and oxygen! Compare that to the fuel-to-weight ratio of classic rocket propulsion like that of the Saturn V rocket that was used to get 3 men to the moon (3000 ton for 47 ton of payload) and you see immediately where we could go next!

You think this story is just another hoax?

The claims have recently been completely and independently verified by Rowan University. They have independently acquired and processed all the materials needed for the BLP process and recreated the experiment in their labs.
Furthermore, Blacklight Power claims it has developed a regenerative closed loop solid fuel that basically only needs the addition of water which enables the system to be easily commercializable. They predict commercial application will be much sooner than anticipated. A 3 megawatt demo power grid is to be expected still this year and they have already sold for 8000 megawatt in contracts.

The company BLP has been founded in 1991 after dr. Mills announced the hydrino state theory as an explanation for the erratic ColdFusion claim of 1989. Over the years BLP has raised 60M.$ in funds and refuses any further investments because it just was all they needed. Staff members range from ex NASA and US Navy people to former US Department of Energy (DoE) high profiles. Founder Randy Mills is an MIT summa cum laude graduate.

That all said, what could this mean for us humans?
It would mean that with this invention energy would be abundant, very cheap, safe and especially environment friendly. This could mean the end of global warming and a giant leap forward into space exploration. Not to mention all the wars that would end if oil, gas and other fossil fuels were to become obsolete.
Mankind could very well be at the brink of a new dawn.   And it's about time.

Check out the website of BlackLight Power and relevant press releases on the BLP process. Please do pass the news to anyone who might be interested because this event deserves a lot more than the marginal attention it has gotten so far (although it was only recently that the process was 100% independently verified).

As a footnote I would like to state that my elaboration of the theories is somewhat simplistic and not necessarily scientifically correct, let alone complete. The BLP process is indeed much more complicated and I am not physicist (nor native English speaker) myself. But the word should be spread and authorities must be made aware.
At least I'm not trying to explain it as simplistic as CNN as a reaction between water “and a kind of salt”.
Feel free to leave a comment on this article, just be adult in your reaction.

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