The world of tomorrow
Thursday, August 21, 2008
For once, I wish I were a U.S. citizen. So I could at least give one vote for a better future.
And that future lies NOT  in the hands of John McCain
To all U.S. Americans who read this post: please, please, please: GO AND VOTE OBAMA.
With great unbelief I recently learned from polls that John McCain would have about as much votes as Obama. How is that possible? John McCain is an extension of George Bush. I thought/hoped that after 8 years of Dark Ages with the George Bush jr. administration (12 if you count his dad with that) the people of the U.S.A. would know better now.
I have a son who is now 8 months old. I'm ashamed and frightened of the world I'm putting him in.
I'm not going to elaborate why it is wrong to vote Republican and why you should vote Democrate, my knowledge of American politics is too limited for that.
I'm just asking you this: if you have not decided who to vote for and you want to do something for the Trinity Rescue Kit, please: VOTE OBAMA. I'd rather have you vote for him than a donation for TRK. Really. The world of tomorrow is more important than some money.
So if you plan on doing so, please, send me a mail to harakiri - at - trinityhome . org and make us all feel better by promising your vote for Barack Obama

Live long and prosper

Tom and Jeroom

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