New beta 3.3 build 318 - Commercial support available for TRK
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
As of now, Trinity Rescue Kit has official commercial support. Trinity has agreed in a partnership with the consultancy company Open Computing to give live and offline commercial support.
For years, people have been asking me whether they could be helped by phone or online chat. Since I have my daytime job and already a lot of work as it is, I could not provide this.
Well, now you can contact Open Computing who will help you with any Linux problem you might have. Also Windows is supported to a certain degree: sometimes after TRK has done the necessary repairs on your dead or inaccessible Windows, it might be appropriate to perform some after-maintenance, like removing malware and cleaning up the registry.
The latest version of TRK is equipped with a script called trinisup that allows remote management of a computer running TRK. It should work with almost any internet connection, including those behind a natted firewall. For aftersupport on Windows, the Trinity Remote Support Pack or TRSP is included. TRSP is a collection of tools (putty and vnc) and scripts for Windows that allow a remote control session of your Windows desktop, pretty much in the same manner as the TRK trinisup script. Read more about the mechanics behind this method here..
Pricing for commercial assistance is very reasonable. I couldn't do it for less myself! Follow this link to the website of Open Computing and read more about it.
Of course, Trinity Rescue Kit itself and the help forum still remain completely free!

Together with this announcement, a new beta version Trinity Rescue Kit 3.3 is available.
At build 318, several bugfixes have been attacked and a few features added. Biggest bugfix is in winpass, which is the most significant feature of TRK ever since TRK 1.1.
-Well, winpass has been for 80% rewritten, using better, more flexible code. Especially, the biggest bug was the case-sensitivity, which is inherent for Unix systems and has been completely circumvented. This time winpass should never announce anymore that it can 't find any windows installations (unless your disks are unknown or corrupted).
I 've also added a feature that it makes a backup of your original registry hive, allowing you to reset a password, do your thing in windows and put back the old password without ever having to know it; 'winpass -r' restores your password file (SAM).
Another bugfix again in winpass was the problem with usernames that had spaces in them. I ‘ve worked around this problem now. All you have to do is specify the –u flag at the commandline and the username between double quotes. E.g. winpass –u “Test User”
-Another new feature is not Linux based and is stupidly simple but effective: when you insert the TRK CD while running Windows and autorun is active (which is Microsoft's default in any version of Windows since 95), you will be prompted that TRK is not usable from Windows but also that it is unsafe to have autorun active because of the high rate of virus infections being exchanged with USB keys (for which autorun is also active). Clicking "Yes" on the warning message will deactivate autorun completely, lowering the chance of a virus infection by at least 10% (which is the statistic percentage of virus infection sources today).
-Added upd-sender/udp-receiver, utilities to perform multicast sessions across your network like imaging. Scripts are not yet implemented for this, but contributions are welcome.
-Kernel is now multi-cpu capable. It might be that some older systems are now unable to boot TRK anymore, but I expect these to be really old ones. For those I recommend to use TRK 3.2 (or earlier)
-TRK is now volume label independent: you can put any volume label you like on your CD/USB stick. You just have to pass the volume label in your syslinux.cfg/isolinux.cfg by adding vollabel=YOURLABEL to the command line. Interesting for people making multiboot CDs.
-Trinity Remote Support packages added to the medium. Can be used for remote support from a running Windows machine, in case problems cannot be completely fixed from TRK.
-Other updates/bugfixes:
*latest kernel 2.6.25
*Intel E1000 driver v7.6.15.5 (8.01 appears not to work)
*ntfs-3g 1.2412
*coreutils 6.9 (all included utils now available on TRK)
*testdisk + photorec 6.9
*syslinux 3.62: some newer PCs like the HP DC7800 hung on startup when booting from USB. This new syslinux bootloader fixes that problem
*ddrescue 1.8
*dd_rescue 1.1.4
*chkrootkit 0.48
*hdparm 8.6
*memtest86+ 2.01
*prime95 v.2414 (type mprime): a utility that does number crunching and is a real stress test for your CPU’s floating point capabilities.
*f-prot fixed: bugs in proxy parameters and failed to run once it was already installed
*lspci and lsusb did not point to their pci/usb database so no info about manufacturer was given. Fixed it.
*UTF-8 was missing some files, gave warnings with ntfs-3g, fixed
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