New product: Trinity Remote Support Pack for Windows
Friday, April 4, 2008
For all the sysadmins dealing with remote users: ever got tired of not being able to remote control a workstation because it 's behind a firewall or a NAT-router (like most home connections)?
Well, here 's the solution: Trinity Remote Support Pack for Windows is a set of commonly available and free utilities (UltraVNC and putty), glued together with some pretty simple scripts in a self extracting package that allow an administrator to connect to any PC with (almost) any type of Internet connection. Whether the user is behind a firewall, NAT-router or has its Windows firewall activated, TRSP for Windows gets through.
How does it work? Read the details and download instructions here. In short, the user downloads TRSP, executes it and gets connected to a server on the Internet. Once connected, the administrator connects to that machine with his vncviewer on the port the user specified when he fired up TRSP. And there you go: a remote VNC session set up with the computer behind the firewall. All this with passwords and everything of course.

Trinityhome = free software
The TRSP software in itself is free and for a connection to a server (machine-in-the-middle), you can use the (limited) resources. There 's a free demo account which lets you remote control a machine for no more than 2 minutes. After that the session kills itself.
If you want a full-blown account with more security for your users, you can get one at a small fee. Just contact support,  we can set you up an account for as little as 3€/month with a 10€ setup fee (limited to a "fair-use-policy"). If this service works out, we will get ourselves a machine with bigger bandwidth.

Make your own TRSP
There 's also an SDK included: you can modify the scripts so that a client will connect to one of your own machines. That of course makes it completely free for you. There 's some explanation on how to do it, it 's all pretty straight forward stuff. Anyone who calls himself a decent Windows sysadmin can do it.

Check it out!

P.S: a similar service will appear in the upcoming version of TRK too.
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