Shiny and new: 3.3 build 301 beta
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Here 's another beta for you to test.
Bootsplash, broken in build 300, is functional again thanks to a patch I found yet somewhere else.
New in this version:
-kernel, which as of this writing is the latest kernel available
-ntfs-3g 1.1004, the newest version of ntfs-3g
-hwdata 0.200: Fedora Core 7 HWData, which should help Kudzu find more recent hardware and load appropriate drivers
-ethtool 5.1: latest ethtool to tweak your network card. People with problematic cards under Linux could try to fiddle around with this tool.
-fix: 'fileserver -s'  shared local drives read-only. 'chmod 777' of the mountpoints should make them read/write
-fix: 'mountallfs -l' now also invokes 'dmraid -ay', which scans for IDE Raid configured volumes and activates them

 Jump to the download page and get your copy.
Remember: donations and thank-yous is what keeps this project alive.

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