Thursday, October 4, 2007
For all people wishing to contribute to or develop their own custom version of TRK: I 've released an  SDK tarball which contains all the necessary binaries and scripts to build a new version of TRK.
The tarball is what will bake you a TRK 3.3 build 299 iso.
I 've come up with some breef documentation on how to get around in it. I expect people who are about to mess around are experienced Linux commandline users who are serious about bash scripting.
Check out this page and download your tarball from there.
If you have any useful contribution to make, please post it in the forum. I love bugfixes and new features.
I 'm sorry I don 't have any decent CVS repository or something, but I don 't see how this way of development could support any. Let alone me having the time to maintain one.
Just mail/post ideas and I 'll try to follow up on them. Don 't have much time unfortunately.

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